South Shore Dog Walkers


Celebrating 10 years of service!


What times are available for my dog to walk?

We try to accommodate each client's needs as indicated.  Typically we are able to offer a two-hour time window during which our walker is promised to visit.  We also ask for a target time that you would prefer for your pet's visit and try to arrive as close to that time as possible.

Where will my dog be walking?

We live on the South Shore like you and are proud to call this home.  We are blessed here with a number of beautiful and ever-changing locations for walking adventures.  Our walks will take your dog to places like Bare Cove or Wompatuck Park in Hingham, Whitney-Thayer Woods in Cohasset or Pond Meadow Park in Braintree as well as other great spots to explore.  Walks can be either off leash as requested or by our side for a more structured experience. We will have fun, exercise and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer!

What about inclement weather? Will my dog be walked then too?

As we New Englanders know, if you don't like the weather outside give it a minute!  Yes we do walk rain, snow or shine.  However your pet's safety is always our top priority.  If we feel the elements are too dangerous for a particular service we may choose to cancel or modify services if necessary.

What about emergencies that might occur during my dog's walk?

Again, your dog will be in the trustworthy hands or our staff who have all undergone training in Pet First Aid and CPR.  In the event of an emergency needing professional care your pet will be transported to the nearest veterinarian hospital and you will be contacted right away.  

How do I pay for my pet's service?

We accept cash, checks or credit cards via Paypal.  Your payment arrangements will be made directly with your assigned service provider. 

In the event of a cancellation will I be charged a fee? 

Life happens. We understand that! We never charge a cancellation fee. All we ask is that you contact us as soon as possible to advise of a cancellation. Any monies paid for cancelled services will be credited.

Why should I choose South Shore Dog Walkers over the other pet care services in the area?

For starters we are dependable, experienced, trustworthy and above all we simply love animals!  Our testimonials speak to our great care of our client's pets.  We treat each and every one as if they were our own. We take pride in providing the best care possible!  Give us a try and leave the walking to us!

If there are any questions you may still have about our service please go to our Contact Us page and send us a message or call us at 617-283-2273.